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St George Meals on Wheels (NSW) Inc is a community based organisation, managed by a local committee elected annually from the membership. St George Meals on Wheels (NSW) Inc covers the cities of Hurstville and Kogarah (now Georges River Council) and Rockdale (now part of Bayside Council).

The Meals on Wheels Service is funded under the CHSP which is funded by the Commonwealth Government.

Dr. Barry Pearson, the founder of our service, our patron for the service and as a volunteer, sadly passed away in 2013.

Members of the Management Committee are:

  • President, Lesley Sandilant
  • Vice President, John Burke
  • Secretary, Karen Bindon and Lis Smith
  • Treasurer, Barbara Sainsbury
  • WHS, Jim McCann
  • Public Officer, Tom Burke
  • Member, Peter Boyer
  • Member, June Chaplin
  • Member, Philip Cohen

Their role is to manage the organisation within the approved budget and in accordance with the stated objectives, policies and procedures.

St George Meals on Wheels (NSW) Inc employs the following staff:

  • Nahed Soliman, Regional Manager/CEO
  • Tatijana Veljanoska, Admin. Assistant
  • Rola Zaklama, Casual Admin.
  • Ellen James, Admini Assistant
  • Eivi Faanoi, Cook
  • Roy Esangga, Cook
  • Patrick Kwan, Cook
  • Suzan Galdas, Food Safety Officer
  • Ceceil Siddhom, Casual
  • Marlita Marlita, Casual
  • Pham Ngoc, Casual
  • Suan Roddom, Cleaner

Last by not least are the volunteers in the following positions:

  •  Car drivers
  •  Runners (delivering the meals)
  •  Kitchen hands
  •  Office assistants
  •  Management committee members
  •  Morning tea participants

Our Constitution

Click here to download a copy of our constitution.

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